Client:  WaterStone

Booklet design

WaterStone, a non-profit financial organization headquartered in Colorado Springs, heard from its sales team that the collateral they’d been using wasn’t meeting their needs. The team had been equipped with folders full of overly detailed one-sheets to give out at events. These folders cost more than $10 each to print and were rarely kept by the recipients. WaterStone asked us at Kettle Fire to design a simpler sales booklet that was more visually and emotionally engaging than the previous packets and featured only the most necessary information.

Sales booklet

The 8.5″ x 11″ sales booklet features high-impact images that engage the reader throughout. Compelling stories communicate how the non-profit can benefit various audiences. The clean graphic style and sophisticated color palette align with the brand’s new visual standards. The simplified content is enough for readers to understand the organization without getting buried in financial jargon. With a printing cost under $2 per sales booklet, WaterStone will save money while better equipping their sales team.

About WaterStone

WaterStone is a Christian non-profit that works with givers, financial advisors, and charities to increase the impact of donations. They facilitate gifts of complex and appreciated assets, helping givers to donate and allocate at the most opportune times. As of 2017, WaterStone has given more than $55 million in grants.

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Colorful infographics and engaging photos pop against a layout with plenty of white space in the new sales booklet.

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