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    Great article, a lot of detail you won’t find somewhere else. Thanks a bunch!

  • Kester says:

    I have been working with multiple artists, and none of them mentioned these terms. this helped me immensely in even deciding which one was more important to design first.

  • shlok says:

    Great Work…!! You explain the terminologies very well.

  • vervelogic says:

    It’s not always easy to simplify some information for people to understand. I’m glad the material provided was easy for you to follow and that it may have helped in clarifying some aspects

  • Simran says:

    Nice post about the logo design.. I am also thinking to learn the logo design..

  • Great article about the logo design… I would like to share it on my friends…

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    Your tips for logo design are awesome help me to create the beautiful logo for my blog..

  • Vilma says:

    Great article, very useful for clients or beginners in the industry (and even for non-native speakers in the agencies, who meet the terms for the first time).
    If I may, I would suggest that, while it is true that a logo is very functional and one must take into account the usage to decide upon the needed form, it is also a matter of how new a brand is. While you can have get to use only (or predominantly) a brandmark for brands such as Shell or Nike, for instance, it is not advisable to do that with a new brand, irrespective of how beautiful the design is.
    In this case, while a full branding book should be developed, with all the versions that may be used, the book should be an appendix to a proper communication strategy and plan, where the milestones in the usage of the types of logos should be included.
    By that I mean a brand needs to meet certain awareness objectives in order to start intensively using very symbolic logos. Honestly, one of the most disappointing feedbacks for a client (and a good agency) is: „Oh, beautiful blue bird, yes, I remember it. Sorry, no idea what it stands for.”

    • Megan Schaulis says:

      Vilma, Thank you for your thoughtful comment. We completely agree that until brand awareness is well established a brandmark should not be the primary logo in use. They can be a helpful additional format, perhaps for internal use where the audience is entirely aware of who is being represented. We also agree that brand standards/a brand book should include a clear system of when and where each logo format should be used. Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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