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    I have been working with multiple artists, and none of them mentioned these terms. this helped me immensely in even deciding which one was more important to design first.

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    Great article, very useful for clients or beginners in the industry (and even for non-native speakers in the agencies, who meet the terms for the first time).
    If I may, I would suggest that, while it is true that a logo is very functional and one must take into account the usage to decide upon the needed form, it is also a matter of how new a brand is. While you can have get to use only (or predominantly) a brandmark for brands such as Shell or Nike, for instance, it is not advisable to do that with a new brand, irrespective of how beautiful the design is.
    In this case, while a full branding book should be developed, with all the versions that may be used, the book should be an appendix to a proper communication strategy and plan, where the milestones in the usage of the types of logos should be included.
    By that I mean a brand needs to meet certain awareness objectives in order to start intensively using very symbolic logos. Honestly, one of the most disappointing feedbacks for a client (and a good agency) is: „Oh, beautiful blue bird, yes, I remember it. Sorry, no idea what it stands for.”

    • Megan Schaulis says:

      Vilma, Thank you for your thoughtful comment. We completely agree that until brand awareness is well established a brandmark should not be the primary logo in use. They can be a helpful additional format, perhaps for internal use where the audience is entirely aware of who is being represented. We also agree that brand standards/a brand book should include a clear system of when and where each logo format should be used. Thanks again for reading and commenting!

    • I can’t think of a company that jumped the shark on this issue worse than Starbucks; they still have about 20 years to go before they can do it with grace.

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  • I’ve also seen brandmarks/logomarks called “symbol” and “bug.” I’ve heard symbol more often than the others. It just depends, I think, on whether you’re working for an agency and a client’s marketing team, or whether you’re independent and working with companies that are unfamiliar with marketing and branding.

    • Megan Schaulis says:

      Jeff- We agree! While it’s helpful to know some “textbook definitions,” we often use real-world terms like symbol or icon when talking to clients. We frequently hear people use “logo” to mean brandmark as well, for example: I don’t need a logo, just a way to handle the text of my name.

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