While the combination of red and green screams Christmas, many prefer to deck the halls with something less traditional and overdone. Get a graphic designer’s perspective on Christmas colors with these five holiday color palettes and their festive inspirations.

Color combo #1: silver, slate, berry

Nothing represents the season of hope like bright berries popping through the frost after a night of snowfall. The berry red adds warmth and approachability to an otherwise cold palette. Use the vibrant hue as an accent color in small doses against a backdrop of wintry silvers and gray-blues to create this fresh holiday color combo.

Color combo #2: shades of deep blue

The winter sky at midnight is a striking, if chilly, sight to behold. We drew inspiration from a midnight clear to create this boldly dark holiday color palette. Layer tints (lighter versions) and shades (darker versions) of the same hue of blue to create depth and dimension without looking mismatched.

Color combo #3: aqua, salmon, chartreuse

Here’s to everyone who’s strung Christmas lights on a palm tree! Take your Christmas decor to the tropics with this holiday color palette inspired by Miami architecture. The yellow tones of the chartreuse will emphasize the light greens in your tree. These three colors are equally bold and saturated, so you can play with which one you want to be the star (no pun intended).

Color combo #4: silver, copper, gold

The holiday season is all about shine. We were inspired by the glow of golden lamp light, silvery snowflakes, and coppery cobblestone. Add some darker bronze tones for more contrast or rose gold for a feminine touch. Trim your tree in an all metallic color palette and add a little shimmer to your holiday.

Color combo #5: peach, teal, turquoise

Not everyone wants a white Christmas. We were inspired by this Australian beach and the idea of holidays in the southern hemisphere. Contrast watery blue-greens with warm sandy shades to pull off this unique holiday color palette. This color combo lends itself to traditional ornaments and decor or to a  full-blown coastal Christmas theme.

What holiday color palette are you using this year? What was your inspiration? Share with us in the comments.

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