What is branding?

Your brand is the message you send to your audience, the visual and verbal expression of who you are as an organization. Your logo is part of your brand, but not all of it. Good branding begins with knowing who you are. It’s a system that allows you to send a consistent, authentic message to the intended audience in the best form.

For further explanation, read our blog Pumpkin Spice Branding.

How much does a logo cost?

Someone once compared this question to asking, “How much does a vacation cost?” That depends. Do you want to fly the whole family to Morocco on a private jet or camp in Pikes Peak National Forest? Custom, intentional solutions mean custom prices. We know your branding needs are different than any other client’s. So your cost will be too.

I don’t live in Colorado. Can I still work with you?

Absolutely. Though we’re based in Colorado and darn proud of it, we have clients from Atlantic to Pacific.

What’s it like to work with your spouse?

Well imagine you’re drowning…
We’re kidding of course. It’s actually pretty awesome to find someone whose skills complement your own well enough to build a business together.

Check out this interview to hear more about our adventures as a husband-wife branding team.

What is Wildsight Photography?

In our free time, we love to travel, camp, and photograph nature. Wildsight is our photography branch. You can see the full gallery here and purchase prints and canvases on Etsy.

What does Kettle Fire mean?

Kettle Fire sums up three of our favorite things: good food, good company, and good communication.

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